Hypalon fabrics - Inflatable boats - RIBs
We proudly represent EoL Hypalon® fabrics by Stafford Textiles.
(Now branded as Argonaut)

These fabrics offer outstanding UV and abrasion resistance, colour
stability and air-tightness. In addition,  Argonaut Hypalon fabrics offer
great suppleness, facilitating workmanship and permitting smoothly
finished seams, even on sharp curves.
the Far East that are highly skilled in the processes of coating,
calendering and rototcuring of rubbers. Stafford's presence on two
continents ensures the sourcing of the finest components and
production at the most competitive cost.

Argonaut Hypalon fabrics are made exclusively with genuine
Hypalon® by Dupont, not generic CSM.
High quality fabrics & adhesives for Inflatable Boats
Hypalon® fabric
Visit: www.EoLfabrics.com